Advice Services

Reading Refugee Support Group has an OISC accredited caseworker, who oversees our volunteer caseworkers who run drop-in advice sessions and client appointments. These sessions are all confidential.

Opening Times:
Monday: Drop In Service, 10.00am – 1.00pm
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: Appointments Only, 10.00am – 2.00pm
Friday: CLOSED for clients and enquiries

OISC accredited caseworkers are able to offer advice and assistance on:

• Asylum and Protection
• Liaise with the Home Office – (eg. Follow up of applications, changes of circumstances or address)
• Support for asylum seekers (NASS)
• Travel documents
• Settlement (indefinite leave to remain)
• Integration loans
• National Insurance number
• Benefits (JSA, Pension credits, housing)
• Naturalisation
• Referral to a solicitor, local authorities or school

We are NOT permitted to act for you on the following, but we can refer you to a solicitor:

• Illegal entrants
• Overstayers
• Removal or deportation from the UK

Unfortunately we cannot support you with the following:

• Family reunion. The British Red Cross in Reading can help you here.
• Detention
• Applications for temporary admission
• CIO bail and Immigration Judge bail
• Appeals, Tribunals and Court Work

Criteria for Support:

If you are an asylum-seeker or refused asylum-seeker...

• You are welcome at the Monday "drop-in" for asylum and welfare advice or to make an appointment for more complex queries.
• Our caseworkers will sit down with you and find out how we can best help you. They will open up a case file and make a further appointment with you.
• It helps us if you can bring with you any documentation you have relating to your situation. If you are not sure, please bring it anyway.

If you have leave to remain (LLR) in the UK for less than a year...
• You are welcome at the Monday "drop-in" for immigration (travel documents/family reunion/extension of LLR) and welfare advice or to make an appointment for more complex queries.

If you have had leave to remain (Refugee status, Humanitarian Protection, Indefinite Leave to Remain) in the UK for over a year...
• Please make an appointment for immigration advice with our caseworkers.

Please note: All welfare queries will be referred to other agencies in Reading including Citizen’s Advice Reading, Reading Community Welfare Rights Centre or ComuniCare

If you are a British citizen or have No Recourse to Public Funding...
• We can’t offer you direct support but we will refer you to other appropriate agencies in Reading.

Contact us to make an enquiry or book an appointment.