Can You Help Us Support Refugees?

We are seeking new trustees

We are an established and successful charity working directly with refugees and asylum seekers across Berkshire. Our Board of Trustees is responsible for the running of the organisation. The trustees are a small, friendly and committed team of volunteers who are determined to make a positive difference to people whose lives have been ravaged by war and conflict. We are now looking to strengthen the team by recruiting new people who can bring the skills and enthusiasm we need to make further progress. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary year we are about to enter a 3 year partnership with Deloitte UK as their charity of choice. To find out more about us and this exciting opportunity you can visit our web site at If you contact us on: 0118 950 5356 or we will send you a recruitment pack explaining the work and what we are looking for.


Requirements of the Role of Trustee


There are some general qualities that people will need to bring to the role of trustee if they are to be effective. These apply to all trustees. There are also some quite specific attributes that we are looking. These are qualities that we see as necessary to build the strength of the board and we attach particular importance to them in our search for new trustees. We do not expect prospective trustees to have all these specific qualities. Any one of them would be useful.

General Qualities

1. A commitment to meeting the needs of refugees and asylum seekers and to providing a welcoming and supportive environment for them in those areas where the charity works

2. A willingness to commit the time required to be a reliable member of the team (see Trustee Role Description). Attendance at and participation in board meetings is important in this respect.

3. The ability and confidence to work effectively in meetings.

4. The ability to understand financial statements and forecasts

5. Good listening skills and a willingness to learn and attend training where new skills and understanding are required.

6. A co-operative and friendly approach to collective decision making which understands that personal views will not always prevail.

7. A commitment to the development of an inclusive organisation which enables the participation of people from communities that typically experience discrimination or are under-represented.

8. A moderate degree of computer literacy.

Specific Qualities

In 2019 we are particularly (but not exclusively) interested in people who have one of the following attributes:

1. Experience and understanding of human resources and the policies and procedures necessary in this area of organisational development.

2. Experience and understanding of managing casework with vulnerable people and the policies and working practices necessary to ensure the effective support of caseworkers.

3. An in-depth understanding of the experience of being an asylum seeker or refugee

In order to promote diverse perspectives amongst trustees RRSG is currently under represented by people under 30) who we hope could bring the ‘millennial’ perspective and experience to bear in our drive to improve our support of refugees and asylum seekers.

In a similar vein we welcome interest from members of black and minority ethnic communities who can help us tap into potential support in their particular community.