Can You Help Us Support Refugees?

We are seeking a Treasurer

We are an established and successful charity working directly with refugees and asylum seekers across Berkshire. Our Board of Trustees is responsible for the running of the organisation. The trustees are a small, friendly and committed team of volunteers who are determined to make a positive difference to the lives of people whose lives have been ravaged by war and conflict. Our current Treasurer is relocating abroad and we are now looking to replace him. This is a key role on the board carrying lead responsibility for overseeing the financial health of the organisation. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary year we are about to enter a 3 year partnership with Deloitte UK as their charity of choice. To find out more about us and this exciting opportunity you can visit our web site at . If you contact us on: 0118 950 5356 or we will send you a recruitment pack explaining the work and what we are looking for.


The Role of Treasurer


In addition to the general responsibilities of being a trustee (see “The Role of Trustee in the Organisation”) the Treasurer has the specific responsibilities outlined below.

Key Responsibilities

• In general – to take a lead role in overseeing the financial health of the organisation and the implementation of measures to sustain it.

• Providing support to the Finance Officer in addressing technical accounting questions or issues that come up.

• Liaising with the Chief Executive and Finance Officer in order to present an annual budget for the organisation to be approved by the board of trustees

• Liaising with the Finance Officer and accountants where necessary on the preparation of the annual accounts and independent examination in preparation for presentation at the Annual General Meeting and submission to statutory bodies.

• Presenting management accounts to the board of trustees on a quarterly basis with a commentary on financial progress against budget and the funding position of the organisation.

• Presenting the annual accounts to the membership at the Annual General Meeting with a commentary on the financial health of the organisation.

• Communicating decisions that have major financial implications to trustees and providing recommendations where appropriate.

• Ensuring that the organisation has in place financial policies and procedures that comply with best practice and the law.

Attributes Required for the Role

• Familiarity with the process and systems involved in maintaining accounts for an organisation.

• Financial literacy – the ability to interpret organisational accounts and other financial data.

• Familiarity with the types of policies and procedures that are necessary to minimise financial risk within an organisation.

• A commitment to financial probity and transparency.

• The ability to communicate the implications of complex financial data to people who are not from a finance background.

Experience of managing accounting regimes in the world of charities would be an asset but is not essential.